eMule 0.50

eMule is a reliable peer-to-peer file sharing client
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eMule is a free p2p client for PC to PC connection designed to help users share files located in the incoming folder.
One of the biggest and most reliable peer-to-peer file sharing clients, this program allows users to download and share files following a priority order reached by a credit system.

A very interesting and convenient feature of this utility is that the files are checked for corruptions while being downloaded, with the purpose of ensuring the receipt of error free files.

eMule offers a wide range of search possibilities, which include: Servers, web based, and Kad. The server tab provides all information about the servers listed, the server the user is connected to and also contains controls to add servers by IP or by downloading a server list.

The program also supports source exchanges.

The new preview feature included in the 0.48 version permits users to watch the Videos and Archives before they are completed.

The 0.48 release has a build-in IRC client and a messaging system. These innovative tools allow users to exchage information and also to add other clients as friends.

Not only is this application completely free of charge but also completely free of any adware, spyware and other bothering intrusive programs.

Review summary


  • Huge amount of files to be shared
  • Excellent corruption handling
  • Supports source exchanges
  • Multilingual (52 languages supported)


  • eMule is not updated regularly
  • Remarkably slower than other p2p clients
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